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Re: Netscape gives in to key escrow

With regard to all this waving about Netscape giving in to key scrow...

First one question, and then some considerations. The question:

- How much of Netscape stock is in the hands of Netscape? I mean in the hands
of the people that work in/for the Company? And how much is in outsiders whose
only interest is earning as much as possible?

That is, my friends, the key point. When Netscape began selling shares, and
before and after that, they were (and still are) widely criticized in this

I assume most cypherpunks didn't buy. I'd also bet many oportunists, did. And
I'd bet many activists thougth this was their chance to get a hold on the
development of Internet...

So, now we have that most of Netscape is owned by people that either don't
care but for money, or fundamental activists. And then, those people have to
take decisions.

And then they are faced with confronting their government who tells them what
to do if they don't want to have problems. And who probably offers some hidden
compensations to get their support (maybe tax reliefs?). And who menaces with
countermeasures if they don't agree.

Oh, they are also faced with lots of fundamentalistic priests who tell them
they'll go to hell if they don't give in. Or engage in a crusade against the
"evil" net.

What did you expect Netscape to do? The guys with the money and the control
won't face all the small shareholders and tell them they are going to be
"evil" against the gov. and the priests and the religious organizations,
and that they will face gov. restrictions, give up political and economic
advantages, etc.. to satisfy a bunch of cypher
punks that are continuously
complaining publicly against the company and don't even buy shares.

That's what I think that has happened. And I may be wrong. But there's a
lesson to learn: there is a lot of anti-crypto guys out there. Unknowledgeable
people, gul
lible persons, and fanatics who won't doubt doing anything to
get a total control of things. Either we try to educate them, make them
more knowledgeable and less gullible, or we fight back with our own companies
or buying more shares than them. Or both.

Sitting back and complaining won't help crypto, freedom or anything for that
matter at all.

That said, before blaming more on Netscape and asking a starting company
whose major aset is still shareholders instead of sales, we should think
better about the correct strategy.

Now, who's gonna offer some constructive ideas for a change?