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Re: I Agree buttons, GAKzilla & liability.


A guy from the Wall Street Journal was on the CNN biz show this morning 
explaining all the reasons why Netscape's stock value was supported only 
by religious belief.

This may have a depressing effect on the stock value, as well as the 
morale of Netscapes major stockholders.


On Fri, 1 Dec 1995 [email protected] wrote:

> On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Brian Davis wrote:
> > Well that would depend on the terms of the agreement to hold the escrowed 
> > keys, wouldn't it?   And presumably the GAK keyholder will have lawyers 
> > write the agreement so that it says, in essence, "we will try really 
> > really hard not to let the keys out, but if they get out, our only 
> > liability if to say 'Ooops' followed by a heartfelt apology!"
> This sounds like the fine print you "agree" to by opening commercial software
> packages. Hasn't this been found void in a couple of places? The "OK"  or 
> "I Agree" buttons I'm forced to press (but you don't *have* to download 
> software, nya,nya,nya...) when downloading wares also comes to mind.
> Has this been tested in a court? (Sega's reverse engineering suit from 
> a while back comes to mind)
> Pressing buttons is hardly the same as your notarized handwritten signature
> on paper (we prefer blood, it's more permanent), or its digital equivalent.
> Mere tokenism, not insurance. 
> </IANAL>
> About JR's concern about Netscape's shareholders, they're playing a bubble
> market and they know it. I wish them all the money and luck; luck is 
> something they're gonna need if this is to go on.
> Ps. Netmanage websurfer ain't so bad, hint, hint, hint (detraction time 
> netscape).