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Re: key escrow compromise

"Vladimir Z. Nuri" <[email protected]> said:

	The gist of the whole thread is that voluntary key escrow is
acceptable, mandatory key escrow, which GAK apparently is, is very evil.

VZN> in other words, we agree that the government does have the
VZN> authority to link people to their "official numbers", but we have a
VZN> choice about when to use those official numbers in any private
VZN> communication, and by law businesses do not ever have to *require*
VZN> authentication in this way.  the numbers of course would be
VZN> required in communication between the individual and government.

VZN> the situation is that the government *now* requires that it knows
VZN> who we are when we communicate with it in any official
VZN> context. therefore I submit that the above system would not take
VZN> away any rights, and in fact might lead to privacy advocates being
VZN> able to use a massive government key-infrastructure but still
VZN> retain communication privacy.  in other words, you now have the
VZN> government actually supporting your cryptographic freedom by giving
VZN> you a massive "official" key distribution system you can use any
VZN> way you like.

	No, you are not required to identify yourself to the government
when communicating with it in all situations.  Certainly, there are many
situations when you are required to do so, but there are numerous
channels in which anonyminity is permitted, and sometimes even
guaranteed.  Ironically, most of these are in law enforcement/public
safety situations (anonymous tips, whistleblowing, etc).

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