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Re: Getting a copy of the Jim Clark speech

> > Is there any way one could set up a dirty pictures web
> > page in such a fashion that it would be difficult, painful,
> > and impractical to get at the pictures through that page
> > with a netscape browser?
> 	Well, going back to the LiveScript thread, it looks as
> if one could very easily write a small LiveScript prog to immediately
> bounce NS users on to another page (such as the "Christian" Coalition's
> manifesto on why you shouldn't be able to look at the stuff in the
> first place :).  Hummm, let's see how bored I get at lunch time 
> today :).

How about a LiveScript bathing suit that covers up the interesting parts
of the picture and replaces them with a statement that because they are
supporting Netscape's (whatever), this part of the picture has been
blanked along with indformation on where they can get an alternative
free browser that will show the rest of the picture. 

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