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Re: Getting a copy of the Jim Clark speech

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, James A. Donald wrote:

> At 09:43 PM 11/30/95 -0600, Frank Stuart wrote:
> > I'm working on an "obnoxify" program to convert 
> > normal html documents into documents that look 
> > normal to non-netscape browsers, but are too painful to
> > read with netscape (</BLINK>, <FONT SIZE=1>, etc.).  
> > I think tomorrow evening would be a good time to decide 
> > whether or not to distribute it.
> Is there any way one could set up a dirty pictures web
> page in such a fashion that it would be difficult, painful,
> and impractical to get at the pictures through that page
> with a netscape browser?

This is extremely simple to implement.

Make the pages parsed HTML, check the HTTP_USER_AGENT environment 
variable, if it contains Mozilla, return a message that reads something
along the lines of 'hands off my keys', otherwise return useful data 
(GIFs, whatever...)

Also, remember that Netscape Navigator crashes (or at least version 1.x 
did) on URLs that were very long, and also on pages that contained a 
long string of numbers...


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