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NSC Announce

Thought this might be of interest....

From: ipSecure <[email protected]>
Subject: iPower home page/CryptoSampler announcement
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 95 15:53:55 PDT

For Immediate Release

Contact:  National Semiconductor
          Lori Sinton (408) 721-2448
          [email protected]

CryptoSampler, from National Semiconductor, Demonstrates Ease of
     Building Secure Electronic Commerce and Communications

   Company's iPower(tm) Business Unit Launches Free CryptoSolver
                   to Inaugurate New Web Site

SANTA CLARA, Calif., November 27, 1995 --- National Semiconductor
Corporation today announced the availability of its CryptoSampler
package for applications developers interested in gaining a "hands on"
understanding of how cryptography solves modern business problems.
Developed by National's iPower Business Unit, the program consists of
three demonstration applications and the PersonaCard(tm) 100, a
hardware token for personal, portable data security.

     The package contains both the demonstration applications
including  "build-it- yourself" tools to integrate security easily
into electronic commerce and communications applications. Priced at
$129, the CryptoSampler package is available to the first 1,000 U. S.
respondents and can be ordered directly from National's iPower
Business Unit.

     In a related move, the company's iPower Business Unit launched
its own web site along with CryptoSolver, an interactive game that
invites participants to solve encrypted messages based on the concepts
of substitution ciphers and the alphabetic frequency table.
CryptoSolver, a technology-teaser game rates players' deciphering
skills and can be downloaded from iPower's new web site free.

"As networks become the lifeblood of corporations and the principal
means of commerce, securing electronic transactions and proprietary
information over public and private networks is absolutely critical,"
said Tom Rowley, marketing director for National's iPower Business
Unit. "Through this program, we hope to help broaden individual's
understanding of how modern security technology can solve real
problems on the Internet and in Electronic Commerce business
applications," Rowley explained.

CryptoSampler Package - Token Plus Three Applications in One

     The CryptoSampler package consists of a PersonaCard 100 data
security token, a floppy disk containing all three demonstration
applications, a cryptography primer written by recognized cryptography
expert Bruce Schneier, and a questionnaire. Customers who choose to
complete and return the questionnaire, will receive a free copy, while
supplies last, of Bruce Schneier's newly-released book, Applied
Cryptography, second edition.

o PersonaScreen(tm) System Lockout Utility is a screen locker that
  prevents unauthorized entry into a personal computer by locking the
  keyboard and mouse. The PersonaCard Token, implemented in the PC
  Card (formerly PCMCIA) Type II format, locks and unlocks the desktop

o PersonaSecure(tm) Word Utility enables users to sign, seal (encrypt,
  decrypt), and verify documents as well as e-mail messages from
  within Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows. Installed automatically,
  PersonaSecure displays a toolbar that corresponds to the functions
  of National's PersonaCard data security token. The hardware token
  incorporates RSA's industry-standard digital signature and
  encryption formats which are now "token aware." In addition to
  protecting and validating Microsoft Word documents, users can
  encrypt and decrypt e-mail messages with others who have installed
  the PersonaSecure Word Utility.

o PersonaDLL Library for Visual BASIC 3.0 is a Dynamic Link Library
  (DLL) of routines that enables developers to quickly and easily
  develop their own applications incorporating high-level data
  security features. PersonaDLL includes a Visual BASIC application,
  Visual BASIC source code, and access to all of the features of the
  PersonaCard 100 token including digital signatures, RSA key
  generation, encryption, and verification.

     System requirements to run the CryptoSampler package are:
Microsoft Windows 3.X, Windows for Workgroups 3.X, and a PC Card slot
(version 2.1 or later). Microsoft Word 6.0 is required for the
PersonaSecure Word Utility.

Pricing and Availability
     The CryptoSampler package is available with or without a PC Card
Reader. For those who plan to run CryptoSampler applications on a
desktop or portable personal computer already equipped with a PC Card
slot, the basic package is offered at a special price of $129
(including handling and shipping). A CryptoSampler package with PC
Card reader is available for $199. The total retail value of the basic
package and configuration with card reader is $300 and $500,

     To order  the CryptoSampler package in either configuration, call
1-800-272-9959 Ext# 631 between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM Central
Standard Time.  To play CryptoSolver and for more information about
the CryptoSampler program, see the iPower web site at
http://www.ipsecure.com  .

iPower Security Solutions
     Introduced a year ago, iPower technology provides the
highest-level of commercially available security in a personal,
portable hardware token. iPower solutions are already being
incorporated by OEMs, ISVs, and VARs into a variety of applications
and hardware platforms including e-mail and messaging, electronic
commerce, network security, and secure access to on-line services
including the Internet.

National Semiconductor Corporation provides technologies for moving
and shaping information. The company focuses on four key areas -
communications, consumer, industrial, and personal systems. National
Semiconductor is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has
22,300 employees worldwide.


Note to Editors: To receive a CryptoSampler package for review, call
or e-mail Lori Sinton, 408 721-2448 or [email protected]

iPower and PersonaCard are trademarks of National Semiconductor
Corporation. All other trademarks are held by their respective

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