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Re: Netscape, Mosaic, and other goodies.

> It's funny how one day we are raving about how great Netscape is, and the 
> next day we hate them. If we aren't pleased with a particular piece of 
> software, instead of argueing about it we should just go and make one 
> that we are pleased with. Using the many libraries available such as MPEG, 
> GIF, JPEG for example and releasing it under the GNU agreement is the way 
> to go. Or perhaps we should just back the original browser, NCSA Mosaic. 
> With some improvements it could once again be the best browser on the net.

Isn't it strange that the same people on this list who have been giving
abuse to those of us who have been warning you about Netscape - are now
coming to see that we were right all along?

My point is NOT what you may think it is (i.e., that we were right and
you were wrong).  My point is that people on this list are a little bit
too quick to jump to conclusions.  Some of you are now marching off in
opposition to Netscape based on a rumor about what someone from Netscape
said and a report of a grant by the NSA.  This sort of knee jerk reaction
is often inappropriate.

As to the idea of going with NCSA's mosaic, I'm all for it.  In fact,
that's the browser I've been using all along - mostly because it comes
in source form so I can modify it for my less-popular operating
environment, because there's no fee for its use, and because it's not a
hyped up commercial venture with a stock having a price to earnings ratio
of 7,000.

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