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Re: A "Warning Banner" for Netscape Navigator? Good idea!

Timothy C. May writes:

> One patch I'd pay money to have is one which intercept the "commercials"
> Netscape blasts out at us and replace them with something else (maybe
> nothing, maybe a "quote for the day," maybe something from a
> user-selectable file of items).
> I understand that Netscape is collecting money for these "commercials," and
> that they control what is sent out. So, any such patch to intercept/remove
> these commercials would have to be done locally. Can this be done?

You can fix this from the browser.
Pull down the 'Options' menu, grab the 'Window and Link styles'
page, and change the default "home page location" from
netscape's to whatever you want.  I usually use my own home page.
I never look at Netscape's pages unless I specifically want to
see something like SSL specs.  If there wasn't a way to
turn off their home page I'd be pretty pissed off.

The descripton above is from the 1.1 browser; the 2.0x ones are
fairly similar.

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