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Re: A "Warning Banner" for Netscape Navigator? Good idea!

At 1:22 AM 12/2/95, Eric Murray wrote:

>You can fix this from the browser.
>Pull down the 'Options' menu, grab the 'Window and Link styles'
>page, and change the default "home page location" from
>netscape's to whatever you want.  I usually use my own home page.
>I never look at Netscape's pages unless I specifically want to
>see something like SSL specs.  If there wasn't a way to
>turn off their home page I'd be pretty pissed off.

Oh, I don't have their home page enabled. What I meant, but perhaps wasn't
clear about in my post, is that the commercials pop up in Yahoo, Infoseek,
Deja News, Excite, and so forth. (OK, so it is inaccurate to say "Netscape"
puts them in.)

Some of the ads are intertwined with the command boxes of the particular
service, and thus may be hard to excise, but others seem to be separate.

Any ideas?

--Tim May

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