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Re: Cyberspace Inc & Robber Baron Age

> Instead of an infrastructure for public communications -- like
> the current Internet, or the American highway system -- cyber-
> space would be developed as a corporate owned monopoly --
> priced at whatever the traffic will bear.

More technophobic hogwash from an industrial-centralist mind.

Anyone who looks at the possibilty of semi-autonomous, hell, autonomous,
software out there buying and selling things "out of control" of the people
who use it, much less those who wrote it, in an emergent-structure chaotic
microtransaction market, on a network where the price of semiconductor
switching falls exponentially, making everything, code, hardware,
link-lengh, everything, smaller and smaller and faster and faster, (inhale)
can't possibly say stuff like that.

These folks are looking backwards so far they're going to trip over the future.



Bob Hettinga
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