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Re: nsa and netscape

Bob Bruen, MIT Lab for Nuclear Science wrote:
>   The following came from a government source. I thought it might be of
>   interest.
>                        Bob
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>      At yesterdays FNC  (Federal Networking Council) meeting it was
>      mentioned in passing that NSA has given Netscape a grant of $5 Million
>      (yes $5M) to beef up the security features of Netscape. More info will
>      be forthcoming on this.

  This is not strictly true.  The NSA has given us a contract to add
support for Fortezza to some of our products, including servers and
navigators.  The amount was less than $5M, but I'm not sure that I
should say how much it was.

  One of the things we hope to get out of this work is an architecture
for our products that allows us to easily support other crypto hardware,
including devices that don't use Secret algorithms, and don't require


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