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Re: A "Warning Banner" for Netscape Navigator? Good idea!

On Sat, 2 Dec 1995, Wilhelm Busch wrote:

> >Oh, I don't have their home page enabled. What I meant, but perhaps wasn't
> >clear about in my post, is that the commercials pop up in Yahoo, Infoseek,
> >Deja News, Excite, and so forth. (OK, so it is inaccurate to say "Netscape"
> >puts them in.)

> A while back, someone on comp.infosystems.www.* posted patches to CERN httpd
>  allowing the proxy server to filter out url's based on regexp matching.
> Thus you could update a regexp file as new ads appeared.

I think the author, Axel Boldt, posted this URL to cypherpunks a while 

From http://emile.math.ucsb.edu:8000/~boldt/NoShit/index.html :

Filtering the Web using WebFilter

This document describes the WebFilter (formerly known as NoShit) extension 
to Cern's httpd web server which allows you to filter out annoying parts 
of web pages that you visit often. 

Why to use WebFilter

You have probably noticed how many popular web sites that offer cool 
stuff sooner or later inevitably turn to advertising. They are very 
welcome to do that, of course, except if they try to place their shit on 
my computer screen.