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Re: prototype slot-machine

At 10:23 PM 12/2/95 -0800, sameer wrote:
>	I've written up a slot-machine thing for ecash, very
>experimental, very buggy, not very slick, (i'd like to get the
>technical bugs worked out before i put a fancy wrapper on it) and i'd
>*like* to announce it here for testing, but I'm worrying about
>gambling laws.. 
>	any thoughts?

Use the demo digicash; it's not real money, and it's never been
illegal to play for poker chips.  The mere fact that there's an exchange
market for real money vs. digicash play money doesn't change that.  
It'd be nice if you take small bets, since many of us only have $100
or so of play money; quarters should be fine.

To do the job right, you need audio....
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