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Re: prototype slot-machine

You can play as low as $0.5 on my pseudo slot machine, cyberbucks only
(legal issues). Nice graphics and *feedback* (unlike most shop
software) but sorry, no sound yet :-)


ps: 1 you can win upto $70
    2 sorry if it sound like an ad, but the Q was to be answered...

Bill Stewart writes:
 > At 10:23 PM 12/2/95 -0800, sameer wrote:
 > >	I've written up a slot-machine thing for ecash, very
 > >experimental, very buggy, not very slick, (i'd like to get the
 > >technical bugs worked out before i put a fancy wrapper on it) and i'd
 > >*like* to announce it here for testing, but I'm worrying about
 > >gambling laws.. 
 > >	any thoughts?
 > Use the demo digicash; it's not real money, and it's never been
 > illegal to play for poker chips.  The mere fact that there's an exchange
 > market for real money vs. digicash play money doesn't change that.  
 > It'd be nice if you take small bets, since many of us only have $100
 > or so of play money; quarters should be fine.
 > To do the job right, you need audio....

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