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Re: GAK Flap Happening at a Good Time--Journalists Read!

sameer wrote:
> >
> > With which firm?  Or have you made it an in-house effort?
> >
>         There was no Netscape (or RSADSI, for that matter [an RSADSI
> employee showed up, but it was on his own time]) representative at the
> recent Bernstein hearing in SF. I think that shows how much they
> really care.

  How would having an official representative from Netscape in
the audience have influenced the outcome of the proceedings?  I would
have liked to attend, but was in the process of trying to get
a beta release out at the time.  Do you honestly believe that the
only people who want Bernstein to win are those who were present
in the court room that day?  Not even Dan himself was there.
Does that mean that he doesn't care about the outcome of the case?


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