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Re: prototype slot-machine

> > Try this site: Offshore Infomation Services in Anguilla,
> > http://www.offshore.com.ai/
> Hey, fancy that, even though gambling is illegal in California you're
> saying that on a site two feet from my desk it's legal?
> 	cool.

Its legal until someone makes some money at it. Soon as someone makes
enough to notice, then you can bet that the FBI/IRS/Dept. of
Agriculture (responsible for weights and measures in many locals) and
the local lottery commission are all going to come and take a piece of
the action.

Having a gamebling establishment is something that, in America, is
reserved as a privleadge solely for the capitalist elite. If you don't
have a big-ass bankroll and a rolodez full of connections to begin
with, you can expect to find your ass in jail and your posessions on
the auction block just as soon as someone takes notice of you.

But thanks to the InterNet, thats all changed. =)

I for one would be happy to pay all applicatable income taxes to any
government that would allow me to host gambeling via the net and
promise not to throw me in jail for making too much money too fast or
not following some outdated work ethic. Of course, you still run the
risk that you might wake up one night to find yourself sourrounded by
Navy seals and assult copters, or that congress will mandate a
national firewall on your site or something equally extream, but not
unless you are really living the good life.