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Re: Suggestion for CP browser

> I think a CP browser is just the ticket to change the way the world works.
> How about this:
> 	- CP writes a browser with PGP or better quality crypto.
> 	- CP makes it freely available to any individual
> 	- CP licenses it to corporations for $1 per copy
> 	- Funds produced go to support worthy causes, support a permanent
> 		home for CP, and support anti GAK efforts (lobying, etc.)
> I think the CP browser should include an embedded language (not Java -
> maybe a version of LISP) that does a far better job than Java of assuring
> limitations on what programs can do.  It should also support faking the
> source of a browser request (for privacy of the user), all forms of digital
> cash, firewall-type forwarding, pseudonyms, and all of the other things that
> CPs fight for.

I was just about to say something rude to whoever wrote this one, then
I noticed who it was.

Where is a clue hammer when you need one?