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Java Cup International -- $1,000,000 in prizes

[Wouldn't it be fun to win an UltraSPARC for writing some free code to
secure Java applications?  The catch is: No entries can use
encryption!  I wonder how they expect electronic commerce, security,
or micropayment systems without encryption.  See the Official Rules.
-- John]

Sun Microsystems has announced the JAVA Cup International, a contest
to promote the creation and public availability of small,
platform-independent applications called JAVA applets. Software
developers will compete to develop the most innovative and creative
applets. The JAVA Cup International contest begins immediately and
ends March 31, 1996.

Who's Eligible: Developer community including business, academic, and
individual programmers worldwide.

Prizes: Prizes will total $1,000,000 in Sun equipment (U.S. list)
distributed among winners. One grand prize and three prizes per
category (two individual prizes and one team prize). The first 1,000
to submit entries will receive a Java Coffee Cup & T-Shirt.

Categories: Productivity Tools, Internet/Web Agents, Educational,
Developer Tools, Entertainment and Games, Unlimited.

Judging Criteria: Best Graphics, System Friendliness, Clean Code,
Security, Reliability, Interactivity, Innovation.

Check out http://javacontest.sun.com for complete details.