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Apachessl (was your mail)

On  3 Dec 95 at 11:41, Laszlo Vecsey wrote:

: > > Competing with Netscape is obviously something that's easier said than
: > > done.  But we ought to consider the strategic importance of having robust,
: > 
: > 	I hate to repeat myself, but sometimes people don't listen.
: > http://www.c2.org/apachessl/
: I don't see how you can charge for a commercial versions of ApacheSSL. 
: Isn't it protected by the GNU license agreement? Or is the idea that by 
: registering ApacheSSL you still get the software for free but you are 
: required to pay for support.

	Go read the GNU license.  Nothing prevents selling the programs, 
nothing prevents selling modifications of the programs.  The major 
restraint is that you have to provide source.  Now, from what I read of 
the page, that is being done.

	Personally, I would prefer to see the whole thing given away, and if I
had done it, it would be.  But he (or his contractors / employees ) did
the work that went into modifying it, and if he want's to sell that
work he bloody well can.
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