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Re: Apachessl (was your mail)

> 	Personally, I would prefer to see the whole thing given away, and if I
> had done it, it would be.  But he (or his contractors / employees ) did
> the work that went into modifying it, and if he want's to sell that
> work he bloody well can.

	Hell, *I'd* prefer to see the whole thing given away. Ain't
gonna happen though. It's called US patent law. (I would have put
*much* less work into it, if it was going to be given away, though, so
the fact that people have to pay for it actually results in a better
non-commercial version as well. [the only thing you don't get with the
non-commercial version is commercial use licensing for the patent
stuff and support..])
	Maybe though, if the various lawsuits disputing the patents go
through and the patents are found invalid or something, commercial use
will be possible for free.

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