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Re: SEN_sor

> From:          John Young <[email protected]>
> Date:          Mon, 4 Dec 1995 07:50:16 -0500
> To:            [email protected]
> Subject:       SEN_sor 

>    12-4-95. NYPeeper:

>    "Nearing the $500 Computer for Internet Use."
>       Acorn is about to introduce a stripped-down machine for
>       Net surfing that sells for about $900. By stripping it
>       of its monitor and hard disk drive, and adding a
>       high-speed modem, Acorn executives say they can hit a
>       retail price less than $500. They plan to ship the
>       Netsurfer by early next year, and are discussing
>       licensing with Oracle and a number of American and Asian
>       companies.

Oh, hell, even I can do *that*.  Let's see ... motherboard, $100.  
Floppy drive and controller, $50.  14.4KB modem, $50.  Case and power 
supply, another $50 or so.  $250 profit.

What's so tough about that?  Not a bad deal for Acorn, if you ask me. 
 Hell, maybe I'll go into business making the damned things for that 
kind of profit margin...