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Re: SEN_sor

On Mon, 4 Dec 1995, Ed Carp wrote:

> Oh, hell, even I can do *that*.  Let's see ... motherboard, $100.  
> Floppy drive and controller, $50.  14.4KB modem, $50.  Case and power 
> supply, another $50 or so.  $250 profit.
> What's so tough about that?  Not a bad deal for Acorn, if you ask me. 
>  Hell, maybe I'll go into business making the damned things for that 
> kind of profit margin...

	actually, you need to produce it in volume for $50 to $62.50 in 
order to afford the overhead, sales effort, service effort, advertising, 
and that good stuff.

	other than the floppy drive, I can make it for less than $50 in 
exportd cost from HingKong with a 486-33 knockoff.  Of course, you will 
charge the cusotmer extra for the 256M extra memory....