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Re: Netscape gives in to key escrow

Black Unicorn writes:
>I am most distressed because of what I see as a snowjob.
>"We are anti-GAK"
>Great, tell me what you have done to prevent GAK from proliferating.

This is a poor argument.

I'd consider myself "anti-war", though I've done nothing more than
argue against it and behave peacefully myself.  I've even heard
"pro-war" arguments and considered some of them valid, though not
enough to change my opinion.

Netscape has pretty clearly said that they don't like the idea of GAK,
and that in fora where such things are discussed, they'll argue against
it.  They've also said that they won't let mandatory GAK put them out
of business.  That *doesn't* make them pro-GAK.

Jim Clark hasn't made any statements to the effect that *Netscape*
supports GAK (quite the contrary), but he *has* noted the government
position --- "GAK is necessary for law enforcement".