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Re: Questions/Comments on ecash protocol (fwd)

In article <[email protected][]>,
Lucky Green <[email protected]> wrote:
>Hal wrote:
>[parts elided]
>>BTW since apparently both deposit and payment messages are not encrypted,
>>coins made out to "@" are in danger of being stolen both while en route
>>from customer to shop and from shop to bank.  This is significant from
>>the point of view of payee anonymous systems, which will need to use such
>>coins.  More encryption will be necessary when such coins are passed
>Absolutely. Wildcard coins are stealable in transit. However, one might
>safely assume that transactions conducted using such coins be encrypted by
>other methods.
But do the current implementations support this?  Can Sam's Shop's ecash
client tell that the payment he just received was made out to "@", and
if so, should encrypt the deposit message to the bank?  What if Sam is not
around to enter his secret key?

   - Ian