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Re: Do the Right Thing

On Mon, 4 Dec 1995, Ed Carp wrote:

> > > Netscape, being the dominant browser company, and Microsoft,
> > > being the dominant OS company, are in special positions to
> > > "build in Big Brother."  I'm not claiming they are, just that
> > > they are clearly in a position to make it technologically more
> > > feasible to make non-GAK illegal. They both need to carefully
> > > think about the role that's been "given" to them (whether by
> > > fortune, hard work, or being in the right place at the right
> > > time) and do what's right.
> > 
> > That's always a tough position to be in.  If Netscape or Microsoft
> > knew what was the "right" thing to do, I don't doubt that they'd be
> > doing it.
> That's one of the most politically and socially naive statements I've 
> ever heard.  Corporations *never* do the "right thing" unless it will 
> increase their profits.  

Sure, I realize this.  I'm very aware of it in fact.  

The art of persuasion is the science of selfish self-interest.  Once a
company realizes that their "profits" are in jeopardy, or that
individual corporate officers are liable to face prison time, then
they generally do the "right" thing, what's in their interest.

It's just like asking questions.  You never ask a question to which
you don't already have the answer.

> Remember, corporations are in business to 
> make money by providing a product or service that people will pay 
> money for.  Whatever gets in the way of that will fall by the 
> wayside.  That's an economic fact of life.

Sure.  This is true.  Facts of Life.  

Stiff upper-lip and such.

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