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Re: GAK_hit

James A. Donald wrote:
> At 09:25 AM 12/4/95 -0500, John Young wrote:
> >   12-4-95. W$Jabber:
> >
> >   "Microsoft Probe Spurs Subpoenas Tied to Internet.
> >   Antitrust Effort Appears Focused on Windows 95 Disabled
> >   Rival Software."
> >      The subpoena issued to Netscape may be of particular
> >      significance. In the estimate of Netscape and industry
> >      observers,
> I regularly use netscape on windows 95, and I conclude that
> this subpoena is pure, 100% harassment.

  I've heard that when a machine that already has Internet In A
Box, Netscape Navigator personal edition, or some other internet
software with a stack and dialer is upgraded to Win95, the win95
installation may somehow disrupt the functioning of the winsock
or dialer.  I've also heard that re-installing the application
will solve the problem.  I've never seen the problem myself,
and don't know anything about any subpoena...


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