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RE: GAK_hit

James Donald wrote:

>At 09:25 AM 12/4/95 -0500, John Young wrote:
>>   12-4-95. W$Jabber:
>>   "Microsoft Probe Spurs Subpoenas Tied to Internet.
>>   Antitrust Effort Appears Focused on Windows 95 Disabled
>>   Rival Software."
>>      The subpoena issued to Netscape may be of particular
>>      significance. In the estimate of Netscape and industry
>>      observers,
>I regularly use netscape on windows 95, and I conclude that 
>this subpoena is pure, 100% harassment.

What does that mean? I interpret it to mean only
that Netscape is being asked to testify _against_
MS. I've been using Win95 along with at least half
a dozen different browsers (including about the same
number of different Netscape versions), and never 
had any compatibility problems switching.

Most recently I was running IBM Explorer 2.0 until the
other day when I "upgraded" to the latest beta of
Navigator--at which point Explorer stopped being
my default browser. Navigator never asked if I wanted
to make it the default, but now all my .htm and .html
files have that Navigator look. As soon as this project
is done, I'm switching back to Explorer, thank you.

-Pete Loshin
 [email protected]