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Re: GAK_hit

>  I've heard that when a machine that already has Internet In A
>Box, Netscape Navigator personal edition, or some other internet
>software with a stack and dialer is upgraded to Win95, the win95
>installation may somehow disrupt the functioning of the winsock
>or dialer.  I've also heard that re-installing the application
>will solve the problem.  I've never seen the problem myself,
>and don't know anything about any subpoena...
>	--Jeff
>Jeff Weinstein - Electronic Munitions Specialist

My understanding is that Win '95 installs its winsock.dll in
/windows/system, which is where a number of other Internet packages also
install their winsock.dll. As their .dll is replaced by MS's, they cease to
function (either correctly or at all). The problem is resolved by
re-installing the original winsock.dll or configuring the Internet software
to look elsewhere for it.


Mark Neely
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