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[Mix-L] WARNING: sting via remailer! (fwd)

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> Subject: [Mix-L] WARNING: sting via remailer!
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> 	I was in the federal building coffee shop in Reston, Va. yesterday
> when I overheard a conversation between what appeared to be two FBI agents
> discussing a sting operation involving Mixmaster. Hearing the word
> "mixmaster" naturally caused my ears to perk up and I listened further. 
> 	It appears that the FBI has coerced a mixmaster remailer operator
> into cooperating with them in a sting operation to catch remailers when
> they forward email pertaining to pornography, pedophilia, and copy-written
> software. 
> 	My questions are a) is it possible to perform this type of
> monitoring on a mixmaster remailer and, b) what is the identity of the
> cooperating remailer operator? 
> 	This concerns me greatly as I use remailers to privatize my
> important email regularly and I don't want my identity or my email
> compromised because of a "spook in cypherpunks clothing".

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