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Pseudonym server: Jenaer Anonymous Service <[email protected]>

Jenaer Anonymous Service <[email protected]> 
looks like a high-security pseudonym server.  
You can send outgoing mail to email or newsgroups.
It accepts encrypted email addressed to [email protected],
where hexkeyid is the keyid for a PGP key you send it;
it doesn't store any information about the owner of the key.
To pick up your mail, you send it an encrypted message
with the keyid and a Reply-To: header, and it sends you your mail
by mixmaster.

It's a bit less user-friendly than some servers,
since you not only need PGP, but you need to pick up your mail
rather than having it arrive directly.  But in return,
it's pretty secure, since you can only get caught if the
remailer or its operator are compromised when you request a delivery.

I haven't yet checked if how flexible it is about the location
of Reply-To: in the headers, since some mailers make it difficult
to paste that in.  

The public key for the server is signed by [email protected],
which is in turn signed by  0x3B7F286D, which MIT thinks is an unknown

The help message has a policy against illegal activity, flamewars,
and binary files, and says people can be blacklisted for abuse.
Because you don't get your reply email until you ask to pick it up,
it does seem easy to abuse; complaints, flames, and mailbombs won't reach you
if you don't ask for them.  I hope the operator doesn't mind the workload
of managing the remailer - it looks like a good service, and with
Julf's remailer shut down, we need more nymservers.

#			Thanks;  Bill
# Bill Stewart, +1-415-442-2215 [email protected]
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