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The Three Horsemen???


It seems most everywhere I turn, either on the Internet or on 
television there is some reference to the Four Horseman of the 
Infocalypse, -Terrorists, Pedophiles, Drug Dealers and Money
Launderers, But no real hard evidence.

But since the story broke in the Observer I have been trying 
to remember where I heard of Toby Tyler before, I belive it 
was on a television show on the Discovery Channel that Tim May 
was in, and recently I found this about Mr. Tyler in the 
Clari. newsgroups reporting on the child sex trade.


 One professional cybercop is Toby Tyler, who surfs the Net from 
his computer terminal in the San Bernadino (Calif.) County 
Sheriff's Department. He searches for scams, sources of child 
porn, and deceptions designed to entrap children. Five 
investigators in his department are busy full-time investigating 
child sexual exploitation - much of it flowing from pedophiles 
trying to set up meetings with children by computer.
 The Internet is a ``two-edged sword'' for child pornographers,  
Deputy Tyler says. On the one hand, he says, it seems to have 
damaged the profitability of pornographers who sell their wares 
via dial-up computer ``bulletin board.'' There is so much free 
stuff on the Internet - why would anyone pay? 


Wouldn't the Observer article about anon.penet.fi transmitting
75 to 90% of the child porn on the Internet lead you to belive
that since it has been shut down that all Internet child porn
will pretty much dry up?

I Wonder if its now the Three Horsemen of the Infocalypse? <g>

William Knowles
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