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Re: anon.penet.fi: URGENT REQUEST

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=FCri_Kaljundi?= wrote:
>  Sun, 1 Sep 1996 [email protected] wrote:
> > I don`t know what the response to this will be, I need approximately=20
> > 5000 UK pounds to set up such an operation (Yes, a leased line really=20
> > does cost that much in the UK) and then a monthly income of around=20
> > 3000 UK pounds.
> I remember the load on anon.penet.fi was something like 7500 messages
> daily. As for connection, you will need 64kbps line or even less in case
> you compress the messages. The machine could be either an older Sun Sparc
> or a PC running free Unix (Linux/FreeBSD/...)

A couple of notes: 7500 messages/day is not the accurate measure of
the load of anon.penet.fi. Remember that each messages had to 

	1) come in
	2) be processed
	3) be sent out
	4) trigger a confirmation sent to the submitter

It is not the same as a user simply receiving 7500 messages/day.

If we suppose that each message creates 10KB of IP traffic, it gives us
75MB/day. 75mb/day is less than 1KB per second. It can be handled by a
simple 28.8KBPS PPP connection which will still half the capacity to grow
twice. A second dedicated phone line and a second modem can be added

I suspect that UUCP as opposed to IP connection will work better,
because UUCP gives us a unidirectional flow of data, which is much more
efficient than modems switching direction of the transport for almost
each IP packet.

I suggest the following configuration: a IBM 486 PC with 16MB of
RAM and 28.8 modem, running qmail instead of sendmail and Linux,
on a dedicated 28.8 PPP line. The cheapest used VGA display from 
the nearby waste dump will work just fine. 

Estimated cost: $700-1000 for the system, $50-100/month for the
connection, and 3 hours per day to deal with mailbombing from
disgruntled usenet kooks like the right reverend colin james iii

	- Igor.