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Re: anon.penet.fi: URGENT REQUEST

 Sun, 1 Sep 1996 [email protected] wrote:

> I don`t know what the response to this will be, I need approximately 
> 5000 UK pounds to set up such an operation (Yes, a leased line really 
> does cost that much in the UK) and then a monthly income of around 
> 3000 UK pounds.

I remember the load on anon.penet.fi was something like 7500 messages
daily. As for connection, you will need 64kbps line or even less in case
you compress the messages. The machine could be either an older Sun Sparc
or a PC running free Unix (Linux/FreeBSD/...)

Here in Estonia 64kbps costs between 400-600 USD per month, machine would
be something like 1000-2000 USD. Still I believe someone setting up a
remailer should do so for free, from their own or company resources. The
best way would be every ISP to set up their own remailers and nym servers. 

Jüri Kaljundi
AS Stallion
[email protected]