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PLEASE Nuke Singapore Back into the Stone Age

At 11:06 PM 9/1/96, James Seng wrote:

>To understand the sitution better, you should not impose America
>idealogy and perspection on how things to be done to Singapore. Singapore
>maybe young but there are certain culture too.

Who says this has anything to do with "American ideology"? The Usenet is
propagated around the world. All we are saying is that honest commentary on
the corruption of Lee Kwan Yew (and his billion dollars in Australian and
European banks) will be reported on the Usenet.

This is not "imposing American ideology" on anyone. Singapore, being the
dynastic dictatorship that it is, may decide to block access all newsgroups
which discuss Yew's tyranny, or pornography, or pro-Malay sentiment, or
anything else banned in the Benevolent Republic of Singapore. This will be
their choice, to ban access by citizen-units to Evil Thoughts.

It is not an issue of "imposing American ideology" on the helpless in
Singapore, any more than a book or magazine is "imposing" an ideology.

It sounds to me, James, that you need to get out of Singapore and visit a
country where free speech and free ability to read material is not treated
as "imposed foreign ideologies." (I think you also need to look up what
"imposed" means. The "Wired" magazine banned in Singapore is not something
that is ever "imposed" on others....anyone is free to simply not read the

>is Singapore. As an example of what i mean, few years back, when they
>introduced R rating movies uncensored in Singapore for people above 18,
>it cause a surge in soft-porn movie to be screened. There is a general

So? Your point being? After all, nobody is forcing _you_ to go watch these
R-rated movies. You are free to not watch if you find them offensive. In a
free society this is how things work.

I think you'll find this mailing list anathema to your apparent ideology.

>Singapore culture. Do not impose the general idealogy and culture within
>your country into your argument. (Oh yea, dont give me the "Bull shit!
>Now, what makes you think that citizen of Country A has the power or
>rights to tell politicians of Country B what to do and what they cannot do?
>Just wondering.

Again, you really need to look up the meaning of "impose" more carefully.
By posting a comment about how Singapore sucks, or how Lee Kwan Yew raped
his country and deposited his profits in Australian and European banks,
just what am I "imposing" on Singaporans or anyone else?

I think you have little understanding of how the global Internet works.

--Tim May

We got computers, we're tapping phone lines, I know that that ain't allowed.
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