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Re: "Security risks" vs. "credit risks"

	According to the WaP article, the database in question would be
_required_ by the federal government... thus removing any voluntary aspect
of it, so long as you want to fly on a plane.
	I have had the thought that it might be possible for an air cargo
business to have as a stock benefit a guarantee that, for payment of any
extra costs, any stockholder could ride on one of their planes. I don't know
how the laws on the subject are worded, but I believe that a lot of restrictions
are removed for planes other than standard passenger airlines. This might be a
way to fly anonymously - Chaumian "is-a-stockholder" credidentials might be
usable to arrange it (the local library's copy of Applied Cryptography is
checked out, so I don't know for sure) anonymously.