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Re: "Security risks" vs. "credit risks"

On Sat, 31 Aug 1996, Timothy C. May wrote:

> I find the notion that one's speeches and Usenet utterances could "harm
> one's security rating" a distasteful idea, but so long as such security
> ratings are handled by private players, and used by private players, I see
> no illegality.

Yet another reason to be a pseudonym in the United States.

I tend to agree with Mr. May.  I don't really care who has "access" to
information provided they do not have access to government collection
resources.  The former can be detered suiimply by taking measures to
prevent your information from being introdued into the system.  They only
get what you give them.  The second would be more disturbing.

One only deserves what privacy one secures for one's self.

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