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Free Speech and List Topics

At 3:19 AM 9/2/96, Mark M. wrote:

>On Mon, 2 Sep 1996, James Seng wrote:

>> ps: Sorry for the off-topic discussion.
>Cpunks is certainly not the best place to be discussing free speech.  However,
>the link between free speech and the spread of cryptographic technology is too
>close to completely overlook.

I think it is as good a place as any to discuss free speech. The issues
surrounding Net censorship, Singapore, the CDA, Germany, the shutdown of
Julf's server, etc., are central to our concerns.

And, in fact, it is "cypherpunk technology" which will have a more lasting
effect on these issues than mere talking about it in some "free speech
discussion group" will have.

More disturbing to me recently has been the steady increase in subscribers
to this list who don't seem to value free speech very highly, who write of
their own nation's censorship as valiant efforts to protect citizen-units
from foreign devils, and, even more shockingly, from supposed defenders of
electronic freedom who are now talking about the need for limits on

With friends like those...

--Tim May

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