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Re: Free Speech and List Topics

! At 3:19 AM 9/2/96, Mark M. wrote:
! >On Mon, 2 Sep 1996, James Seng wrote:
! >> ps: Sorry for the off-topic discussion.
! >
! >Cpunks is certainly not the best place to be discussing free speech.  However,
! >the link between free speech and the spread of cryptographic technology is too
! >close to completely overlook.
! I think it is as good a place as any to discuss free speech. The issues
! surrounding Net censorship, Singapore, the CDA, Germany, the shutdown of
! Julf's server, etc., are central to our concerns.
! And, in fact, it is "cypherpunk technology" which will have a more lasting
! effect on these issues than mere talking about it in some "free speech
! discussion group" will have.
! More disturbing to me recently has been the steady increase in subscribers
! to this list who don't seem to value free speech very highly, who write of
! their own nation's censorship as valiant efforts to protect citizen-units
! from foreign devils, and, even more shockingly, from supposed defenders of
! electronic freedom who are now talking about the need for limits on
! anonymity.

How about supporting the effort for comp.cypherpunks ?

About the need for limits for anonymity, guess what brought that on?
Crime?  Yes!  The crime of the media monopoly violating the anti-trust
acts, because people are ignorant enough to trust the mass media for
their news.