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Re: Bob Dole on Drugs

The Post also noted -- and this was buried inside in a short article -- 
that Clinton had stepped up his attacks on drugs during his acceptance 
speech, which I intentionally missed.


On Sun, 1 Sep 1996 [email protected] wrote:

> http://allpolitics.com/news/9608/31/radio.addresses/
> ... snip ...
>    Dole, who returned to Washington for Labor Day
>    weekend, also pledged to use the White House as a
>    bully pulpit to promote the "moral message"
>    against drugs and to criticize what he called the
>    entertainment industry's glamorization of drug use.
>    On Sunday, he is to address the convention of the
>    National Guard Association of the United States
>    during which he's expected to propose that the
>    military be enlisted to assist in a renewed war on
>    drugs. 

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