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Re: Silenced Machine Guns Are Safer Than TWA

At 6:37 PM 9/2/96, Dave Harman OBC wrote:
>[email protected] (Skippy) wrote:
>! At 4:33 AM 9/2/96, [email protected] (Net God) wrote:
>! >Contrary to popular fiction, ALL firearms have been permanently
>! >registered since the 1968 Gun Control Act.  The media monopoly lies when
>! >they say the contrary.
>! Nope. Gun sales between individuals without any paperwork were fully legal
>! in some places until recently (and may still be fully legal...I can only
>! speak of California).
>So?  I was talking about NEW sales of firearms from license holders.  Let's
>consider improving the future rather than preserving the past, shall

My apologies! I assumed when you wrote "since the 1968 Gun Control Act" you
meant since the 1968 Gun Control Act. I did not realize that you translate
"since the 1968 Gun Control Act" into "NEW sales of of firearms."

Sorry. I'll consult my qut-dictionary more often.

--Tim May

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