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Re: Whistleblowing on the Internet

	There's also the point that some whistleblowing isn't exactly
what some political groups would want to occur. For instance, opponents
to unions such as myself aren't going to want a whistleblower to be able
conveniently to report their exclusion from a job due to union membership.

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Geoffrey Gussis wrote:

| Overall, I am quite surprised that there isn't a whistleblowing
| clearinghouse on the Internet; a site sponsored by a non-profit that lists
| email addresses and secure forms for sending anonymized email to those
| areas of the public and private sector that deal with whistleblowing.  As
| the Internet is a great medium for information dissemination, and offers
| significant privacy advantages, I really expected to find much more.

	Such a clearinghouse is what we call a fat target; something
likely to attract attention since wiretapping it could be very useful
to an organization that worried about having a whistleblower.

	As such, the correct attitude towords whistleblowing is to use
an anonymous remailer, and send to interested parties.  That's how the
AT&T deal that sunk the des phones and made clipper a household word
was publicized; a member of the list(?) interested party sent a
number of interesting documents through remailers to cypherpunks.


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