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new-thinking mailing list tidbit; Singapore slings

keywords: thought police; mind control; Stone Age; cluelessness;
          Island nation; why are remailers bad?

the mailing list 'new-thinking' has an interesting piece in the 
current issue, speaking of on-line communities of interest.
the archive is at:

For a hyperlinked version of this piece, please go to:
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sounds like the Singapore brainwashing is working pretty well if their
educated people are opposed to even a discussion of whether free speech
is a good thing or not.  Yikes.  It isn't a cultural thing, pinhead.

Get life, government goon.  Free speech is the right to say things
others - even a _majority_ or even the government - may find unpopular. 
And you can tell your fascist dictator I said so.
P.J. Ponder

for a keyed-SHA signature system, is there an advantage to pre-pending 
the keystring as opposed to appending it?  I think I read something 
about this in one of Hugo Kracyk's (sp) papers about a keyed-MD5 system, 
but now I can't find it.  If I recall correctly, he explained why it 
was better to put the key part in the beginning, instead of the end....
Thanks for any help.  

[Anti-Dyson and anti-EFF rant left off for now. waiting for more 
responses from EFF et al.  Was nice to get a reply from Esther Dyson.
Didn't change my mind about anonymity being a good thing, though.  It 
will be interesting to see what Julf gets back from his survey of why 
people are opposed or in favor of anonymity.]  [See the web page listed 
in the press release from penet.]

I looked at the FTP, Inc. software site referenced here a few days ago
for the email package that integrates PGP. Pretty hefty package to ftp
over a 28.8 dialup.  The write-up on the web page looked good - I'll ftp
it at the office over the T1 if I can and see what it does.  I assume
it blows up after the 30 days (or whatever the trial period is)?