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Re: Encourage Singapore To Come Out Of the Stone Age

At 19:13 02/09/96 +1000, James Seng wrote:
> What i am saying is that Asian (Singapore)
>values are _DIFFERENT_ from western (America) values. [i know i
am generalising]
>When you look at the laws and regulation. You cannot just look at what you
>think is best. You have to look at other things. Culture, social and
>economical structure, religion and history. In every aspect, Singapore (or
>most Asian for that matter) are different. Thus, you cannot judge a
>Singapore government action based on your social background.

I've been reading some of the postings on
singapura.singnet.com.sg: quite a few people in Singapore are
pissed off that they have to go through the proxy. So, not
everyone in Singapore thinks as differently from those of us who
oppose your government's action as you would have us imagine.

Look, if the government had said, "those who wish to avoid smut
on the Net, go through this proxy, but those who do not wish our
guidance can do as they please," we would not be having this
discussion. What we have a problem with is the government trying
to *force* on everyone its own judgement on what is appropriate.

People like you in Singapore are responsible, thinking adults.
Surely you can make the choice yourself on whether you wish to
accept government guidance in this or not? 
>Sad to say, Singapore government does have a lot of power. But i am glad
>what you mention isnt happening in Singapore. I havent heard of any serious
>corruption cases or people accepting bribes etc. Nor does the people here
>feel a suppressed nor are there general disatifaction. I think you are too
>influenced with the persepection from 1984. *8)

In 1975, Indira Gandhi imposed a totalitarian regime in India.
The newspapers only carried news about how happy everyone was
with the controls. Lulled into complacency, Mrs. Gandhi called
elections, partly to make everyone shut up. What happened? She
was soundly defeated. Moynihan, a former US ambassador to India,
remarked, "Politicians rarely like what they read about
themselves in a free press, but it can save their skin." Or words
to that effect.

Maybe, just maybe, there is far more corruption in Singapore than
you think, but that you have no way of finding out without a free press?

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