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Re: Free Speech and List Topics

From:	IN%"[email protected]"  2-SEP-1996 05:36:20.36

>No self-respecting Cypherpunk thinks the Antitrust Act and related acts are
>worthy of enforcement.

>(Think of how the technology we support will tend to allow new avenues for
>price collusion, interlocking directorates, new forms of business combines,
>unreadable secure communications with foreign competitors, and so on, all
>things the Antitrust regulators are already growing worried about.)

	There's a difference between thinking something shouldn't be enforced
(e.g., drug laws for adults) and thinking that other things - such as privacy
and free speech - are more important than fully effective enforcement of
something (anti-terrorism measures, AntiTrust Act, etcetera). I don't think
that transparent houses, as Perry put it, should be required to prevent murders
- but I don't approve of murders either. It's a problem with means, not ends.