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EFF chairwoman: Anonymity proven not to be a positive factor

>From a Scientology magazine:

   Esther Dyson, member of the board of directors of the Electronic
   Frontier Foundation and member of the National Information
   Infrastructure Advisory Council, spoke on the anonymity issue at the
   fifth Computers, Freedom & Privacy (CFP) conference in San Francisco.

                                      "I have a concern about the spread
   of bad behavior on the Net," said Dyson. "Anonymity figures into this,
   and I feel that it has proven to not be a positive factor. It breaks
   down the community which we are seeking to build, and cout protection
   and privacy laws already exist and should be applied in a broad way,
   such that they are transparent to new wrinkles in the technology. It
   is not necessary to view the world of the Net as different from the
   rest of the world."


[For EFF's former position on anonymity, see