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Re: EFF chairwoman: Anonymity proven not to be a positive factor

On Mon, 2 Sep 1996, Ulf Moeller wrote:

> >From a Scientology magazine:
>    Esther Dyson, member of the board of directors of the Electronic
>    Frontier Foundation and member of the National Information
>    Infrastructure Advisory Council, spoke on the anonymity issue at the
>    fifth Computers, Freedom & Privacy (CFP) conference in San Francisco.
> [...]
>                                       "I have a concern about the spread
>    of bad behavior on the Net," said Dyson. "Anonymity figures into this,
>    and I feel that it has proven to not be a positive factor. It breaks
>    down the community which we are seeking to build, and cout protection
>    and privacy laws already exist and should be applied in a broad way,
>    such that they are transparent to new wrinkles in the technology. It
>    is not necessary to view the world of the Net as different from the
>    rest of the world."

I think EFF needs to make attempts to clear up this mess.

> http://www.anonymizer.com:8080/http://www.theta.com/goodman/hijack.htm
> [For EFF's former position on anonymity, see
> http://ftp.sterling.com:80/COAST/doc/law+ethics/EFF-Anonymity]

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