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Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

> >The accountability issue is real and
> >should be addressed, not evaded.
> "Addressed", maybe, but that doesn't necessarily mean, "solved."  For many 
> decades, people have been able to walk up to a pay telephone at 3:00 AM and 
> make a harassing phone call to somebody, a "problem" which still exists and 
> no solution is being implemented for.

Yes! Exactly! Of course!  Precisely the example that has come up in EFF's 
own statements on anonymity (which, in absence of a policy on the topic 
have been strictly factual, reporting both sides of the issue).

> I think it's reasonable to come to the conclusion that there is no solution 
> to the anonymity "problem" that isn't worse than the underlying anonymity.  

That's a common view here, to say the least.  And it's one with which I 
am in 100% agreement.

> And, BTW, I don't consider a pro-anonymity position to be an extremist one.

We don't either, even those of us with questions and conundrums to think 

I do think its extremist to not be willing to even address the questions 
and conundrums, but we're in agrement on that, so not much to argue about,

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