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Re: The Esther Dyson Flap

Timothy C. May writes:

 > Indeed, I support the elimination of concepts such as
 > "slander" and "libel" precisely because they cause more harm
 > than good.  Currently, there is an illusion among ordinary
 > citizens that "if that was untrue, you could sue him for
 > libel!" despite the fact that this is rarely practical.  In
 > that way, the law actually adds credibility to what should
 > be an incredible claim. Eliminate libel suits, and you've
 > eliminated any presumption that because it's been spoken or
 > is in print, it's likely to be correct.

Reputation performs this function very well, and without
expensive litigation. That is why there is really no clear and
present danger posed by inacurate information on the Net.

Governments shield themselves far better by promoting conspiracy
theory as a recreational activity than they ever could by
prosecuting people who expose their activities.  Drowning signal
in noise effectively obscures it without lending credence to
material one cannot easily debunk.

As they say on X-Files, "The Truth is Out There..." (Somewhere)

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