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Re: The Esther Dyson Flap

jim bell <[email protected]> writes:

> At 08:11 PM 9/2/96 -0700, Timothy C. May wrote:
> >Esther Dyson says that anonymity on the Net can do more damage than
> >anonymity in other forums, and thus may need to be regulated and restricted
> >in various ways. I disagree, as "the Net of a Million Lies" (to use Vinge's
> >term) has grown up with anonymity, and few people take the anonymous (or
> >not) rants and charges made in the millions per day with the same degree of
> >certainty they take print comments. Put another way, there is no clear and
> >present danger.
> Indeed, I support the elimination of concepts such as "slander" and "libel" 
> precisely because they cause more harm than good.  Currently, there is an 
> illusion among ordinary citizens that "if that was untrue, you could sue him 
> for libel!" despite the fact that this is rarely practical.  In that way, 
> the law actually adds credibility to what should be an incredible claim.  
> Eliminate libel suits, and you've eliminated any presumption that because 
> it's been spoken or is in print, it's likely to be correct.

The gubment has no right to fuck with any speech - (seditius) libel, child
porn, bomb-making instructions... 


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