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Save the Howitzers (was Re: The Esther Dyson Flap)

TCM wrote:

>And please spare us the "save the howitzers" comment. We talk about what
>concerns us. As it happens, our political opponents don't read our words,
>whereas a bunch of EFF board members apparently do, and so our criticisms
>here may cause EFF to actually confront the issue of anonymity and decide
>where they actually stand.

I think Tim's comments are generally on-point. EFF board members are paying
attention to discussions on the cypherpunks list and the organization would
appear to be moving in a direction that will result in a solid
pro-anonymity policy.

For reference, EPIC's position is:

"Our position is that we strongly support anonymity both for speech and for
transactions. The right to anonymous speech is a constitutionally protected
right (Tally v. California, McIntrye v Ohio) and we believe that it equally
applies in cyberspace. Anonymous transactions are a key way (and perhaps the
only way that really works) to provide privacy on the net."

CDT's current position is:

"CDT believes that anonymous political speech is protected under the first
amendment and would oppose any effort to restrict or curtail it on the